Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekend Workout #17

As I pack my bags to get ready for my tip to sunny Arizona, I also want to leave you with a solid workout to do this weekend.  This workout will alternate between a strength exercise and a high-intensity cardio exercise.

You will need access to a gym for this workout and will need the following equipment... Row Machine, TRX, Barbell, Medicine Ball (8-12 lbs.), Dumbbells, and a Box or Bench (20" high).

Perform 1 set, then rest 1-2 min. and if feeling good repeat entire circuit.  This will not be an easy workout, but can certainly be done 2-3 sets if you have good fitness.

Warm up 10-15 min

1.  1000m Row 
2.  20 Med Ball Tosses (hold ball at chest level, then squat and toss straight up, and let the ball drop)
3.  30 TRX Crunches
4.  20 Box Jumps
5.  10 Upright Rows w/ Barbell
6.  20 Burpees w/ Hop
7.  10 Overhead Dumbbell Press
8.  30 TRX Squat + Rows

Cool Down 5-10 min.

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