Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekend Workout #18

Here is a great workout you can do this weekend that will get your juices flowing for an obstacle race event. As with most obstacle events, there is lots of running as well as the obstacles (climbing over an 8-foot wall, walking along a narrow beam over water, climbing up and over hay bails, over and under logs, running up steep hills, etc.).  Well there wont be any hay bails, or 8-foot walls in this workout, but the challenge of running and doing some strength exercises will put your fitness to the test.  You must be able to run, do an obstacle, run, and then keep repeating this sequence (anywhere from 6-12 miles for the events) for a few miles.

If you have a park near your house that has some logs, or rocks that would be great.  If not, don't sweat it you'll still be able to get a workout.

Warm up 5-10 min. with some light movement and some dynamic stretching. Examples include jumping jacks, high knee running in place, side to side lunges, arm circles, forward/reverse lunges, and straight-leg kicks.  Now that your blood is flowing and your muscles have increased their elasticity, let's get started.

1-2 miles easy jog
25 squats (with rock if you have one)
15 push ups
10 split lunge jumps
1/2 mile hard run
10 burpees
30 bicycle crunches
10 squat jumps
1/2 mile temp run with log walks (walk across logs lying on the ground, if available)
25 squats
15 push ups
16 forward lunges
1 mile easy jog

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