Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"COW" Workout

Here is this week's Core Of the Week workout.

Complete each exercises for 30 sec. followed by 15 sec. of rest.  Repeat circuit 2-3 times allowing 30-60 sec. of rest between sets.

1.  Flutter Kicks
2.  Decline-Bench Knee Tucks
3.  Swiss Ball Catapult Crunch
4.  Plank w/ Alternating Leg Lifts
5.  Mtn. Climber Slides
6.  Reverse Lunge Twist w/ Med Ball
7.  Captain's Chair Leg Lifts
8.  Battle Ropes (In/Out) 
9.  Skier Jumps
10.  Swiss Ball Push Ups w/ Alternating Leg Lifts

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