Monday, June 3, 2013

Smoothie recipe

Over this past weekend I decided to check out a hidden gem in Bend.  It called Sarah's Vegan Cafe'.   It's a tiny little cafe in the back alley of a chiropractors office.  I was told by a friend that the smoothies were worth the trip over there.

The place is so tiny that even 2 people working behind the counter seemed a bit crowded.  It sort of reminded me of the spice shop in the TV show Grimm, because they had tons of tiny jars of all their flavorings and nuts.

I tried the Vanilla Mint smoothie.   I would like to share the recipe with you, or if you happen to live in Bend, or are visiting anytime soon check out Sarah's Vegan Cafe

Mint essential oil
Avocado vanilla Stevia
Coconut oil
Warrior protein powder
Maca (not sure what this is)
Himalayan Sea Salt

I would also recommend their Coconut Chocolate Dream smoothie.

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