Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weekend Workout #25

This weekend's workout is all about challenging the muscular and cardiovascular system.  After you perform 2 full-body exercises, you'll run 400m (1 lap around a track) and move right into your next 2 full-body exercises.  Your body will be screaming a you move through the complex movements, so don't expect this workout to be anything easy.

For the Power Cleans and barbell Squats, you'll want to select a weight that you can do for the Power Cleans and do the same weight for the Squats.  Rather than change weight or move to a different machine, use the same bar and weight for both exercises to help keep rest minimal.

If you don't have access to a track or treadmill, you can substitute the run for 1/2-mile bike.  For the run (or bike) try to keep the intensity around 75% of your max HR.  It should feel slightly uncomfortable, but not overwhelmingly difficult.

Warm-up for 10-20 min.

x20 Burpees
x15 Overhead DB Press
400m Run
x10 Power Cleans
x15 Barbell Squats
400m Run
x30 sec. Battle Rope - Waves
1-2 min. Planks

Repeat for as many rounds as you can complete in 45 min.  Move from one exercises to the next with minimal rest, but allow 1-2 min. rest between each round.

Cool Down 5-15 min.

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