Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weekend Workout #26

Row machine for 15 min. (4 min easy, 200m hard, 100m moderate, repeat 3 times)
Treadmill for 8 min.  (4 min. jog, 20 sec sprint, 1 min. jog, 20 sec. sprint, 1 min. jog, 20 sec sprint, 1 min. jog)

TRX Set #1 – 30 sec. each except med ball (15 ea.)
Crossing balance lunge
Low Row w/ tempo
Sprinter start
Side plank with hip drop
*Med Ball Rotation throws (lateral)
Jump Rope (1 min)

BW Set #2 – 1 min each exercise except push ups (10)
Fast Mtn climbers
Alt. KB Swings
*Push Ups
Split Lunge Jumps
Bob and Weave w/ Dumbbell Punches

KB Set #3 – 30 sec. each exercise (each side)
1-Hand Clean and Press
Double Lunge w/ KB racked (same leg as weight in hand)
T-Push Ups
2-Hand KB Swings
Jump Squats

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