Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weekend Workout #27

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post.  I've been overwhelmed with summer activities and other tasks that I have been working on for work.  Lots going on, I hope you all have been keeping active on the weekend (and during the week for that matter too).

With school now back in session, you might have more free time and think that now is the time to resume strength training again.  If that is the case, start slowly and allow time for your muscles to get accustomed to the stress/load you will place on them.

If you have not done any strength training over the past 1-2 months, it won't take much to make the muscles sore.   There's no need to try and lift heavy weights or do interval sets for your cardio workouts.  Instead, select lighter weight and focus on constant, steady cardio at a conversation pace.

This doesn't need to last too long, especially if you are a seasoned weight lifter.  However, allow yourself 3-4 weeks of transition before ramping things up in the gym.  Completing 2 sets of 12-15 reps of each exercise, and 2 -3 days a week will be enough.  Then older you are the longer you r body will need to recover between workouts, but typically 1-2 days of rest between workouts should allow your muscles enough time to repair themselves.

Here is a simple workout you can do this coming weekend to kick-start your "end of summer" workout routine and get ready for fall/winter activities.

Complete all exercises one after the other without any rest, and then rest 60 sec between sets. Complete 2-3 sets.

Warm up (10-15 min)
x2 min. easy jog
x20 jumping jacks
x10 bodyweight squats
x8 push ups
x10 jumping jacks
x10 arm circles (both directions) 

Workout (20 min)
x15 bodyweight squats
x12 dumbbell overhead shoulder press (keep weight light)
x30 sec jump rope (if you don't have a rope, jump simulate like you do)
x6ea. alternating forward lunges
x12 seated rows OR TRX rows (keep weight light if doing seated rows)
x30 sec jump rope
x5 burpees (with push up and hop)

Repeat x1-2 times

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