Thursday, October 24, 2013

An update on the week at Athletes' Performance

After several days of the Mentorship Program at Athletes Performance, I can honestly say that my mind is pretty fried.  Each day we get shuttled from the hotel to the AP facility at 7:30am for our 8:00am start time. The staff at AP are extremely professional and respect everyone's time, so they are very prompt on the start times each day and during each of their presentations.  

entrance to their parking lot

Each day is comprised of class presentations as well as hands-on (applied) sessions.  Nothing better than sitting in class learning the system and then going out on the turf or to the strength area and putting it to use. All of the presenters, Nicole Rodriquez, Tristian Rice, and Michelle Ricardi have been great and all are very knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise.  Nicole leads all of the hands-on sessions and her demonstrations are amazing.   

strength area - pretty impressive 

turf area - lots of space

All of Pillar Prep, Movement Prep, and Acceleration drills have taken place out on their turf fields.  With the temps hovering around the 90's, things get hot pretty quick.  We're doing the drills about 75% effort with several breaks for explanations and although we're not getting the HR elevated too high, it still feels like a workout.  I can already tell that my hips, back and toes will be sore.

We did some acceleration drills against their brick wall that were great for simulating movements such as lateral shuffling and lateral crossovers.  I've learned some great ideas for getting an athlete prepared for their sport-specific movements. 

haven't touched the bag or sleds yet

There is definitely no shortage of equipment at Athletes' Performance.  Everything is state-of-the-art and veryorganized in a way that there is always plenty of space, no matter the size of group/s training.  In addition to all of the strength equipment, they have an on-site pool, hot tub, and polar bath.  A couple of us took advantage of all three today and did some contrast therapy; moving from cold to hot and back to cold.  The polar bath is set at 50 degrees making for an unpleasant but effective experience for the first 2-3 minutes. We'll probably be doing this again tomorrow; it's is a great recovery tool to help with sore muscles.  

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