Sunday, October 27, 2013

Athletes Performance Mentorship Team 1

As I look back on my week of Mentorship Phase 1 at Athletes' Performance, it's pretty impressive to think of all the participants that attended.  I was anticipating about 10-15 people attending, but there ended up being a total of 25 people and from many different parts of the world.

This is the power one of our lead presenters, Nicole Rodriquez, had on us
photo by Athletes' Performance

photo by

practicing absolute speed drills on a wall

Those that were there from the US included such states as New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Oklahoma, Maryland, Virginia and California.  There were also several Europeans (Austria, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland), Middle East (Lebanon), South America (Brazil) and Japanese participants.   Everyone came from different backgrounds of training experience but all of us had the same goal, to learn the same training systems that the top athletes are using.   

Nicole Rodriquez shows us how to run on the Woodway Curve

With such a diverse group of people there was lots of unique ideas shared each day and many questions.  It's always interesting to discuss a topic and have it dissected many ways.  It sometimes helps to better understand the topic being discussed.  

Athletes' Performance will be having their Mentorship Phase 2 program this coming week and a few from Phase 1 will be attending that also.   Personally, I can't imagine trying to comprehend another consecutive week of that much information.  Although it would be nice to put the "how" with the "why"; that being the primary difference between Phases 1 and 2.  

It was a great week of learning and meeting some great colleagues.   

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