Wednesday, October 30, 2013

TRX Challenges

Starting in November I will once again be having a weekly TRX Challenge to bring about some friendly competition.  Each week starting November 4th, a new Challenge will be posted with specific instructions on what to do for each exercise.

Each week the exercises will get more challenging and more advanced movements will be incorporated to challenge your fitness.  A video demonstration will be provided for each workout, and I encourage those who take each Challenge to post their results in the Comments section below each post.

Here is a taste of one of last year's Challenge in case you missed out.  In this Challenge, the goal was to perform each exercise in 1 minute (with 30 sec of rest between exercises) and record the total # of reps. The person who completed the most total reps (with good form) won the Challenge.  One minute can seem like an eternity when performing certain exercises.

This year' Challenges will be even more fun, so I hope you take the time to participate a few week, if not all. Remember to post your results from each week down below in the Comments section.

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