Thursday, November 21, 2013

2nd Annual TRX Challenge #3 - women's dual

In this week's Challenge, participants are pushed to perform each exercise for 40 sec.; with minimal rest between each exercise.  This will challenge not only your muscular endurance, but also your mental toughness.  When performing an exercise (any exercise) for 40 sec. it can seem like an eternity; especially when you are not able to watch the clock.

Unilateral exercises are involved more in this challenge, adding a greater amount of difficulty to maintain balance, build core strength, and develop symmetry among muscle groups.

Exercises this week included the following:  40 sec on, 15 sec off
     1.  1-Leg Squat L/R
     2.  Mtn Climbers
     3.  1-Arm Power Pulls L/R
     4.  Sprinter Starts L/R

The goal this week is to complete the most total number of reps for all exercises in 40 sec.  Much like week #1, you'll want to count all your reps for each exercise and then total them up at the end.

In this video, I paired two female clients up against each other who have similar fitness levels.  You'll notice however, that one of the women (Derri) is much taller than the other (Lisa), and this creates a disadvantage when doing the 1-Leg Squats, and 1-Arm Power Pulls.  The length of her arms and legs requires a much longer range of movement in order to perform each exercise correctly.

Lisa also had the advantage over Derri in the fact that she has competed in several marathon and 1/2 marathon events, so her endurance allowed here to push the entire 40 sec.  Derri's biggest advantage is her competitiveness, and this is why I wanted to pair them up.

I will also be pairing two men up against each other (men's dual) with similar comparisons, so stay tuned for that video later in the week.

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