Saturday, November 16, 2013

TRX Challenge Week #2 Results

Another successful week of TRX Challenge workouts.  There were 7 people that participated this week, however, the winner from last week, Ryan Brown, was not able to partake.

Brian Polston set a blazing time early in the week (3:34) for the men and Lisa Swanston (4:04) did the same for the women.  On Friday afternoon, one of my clients Shawn Taylor and I worked out together and then decided to do the Challenge together.  Nothing better than a little extra competition.  Shawn is one of my fittest female athletes and can push herself harder than most women I know.

Already feeling tired from our earlier workout we gave it a go and were still able to crank out some impressive times.  Here is a video of our Challenge..

Shawn was able to overcome Lisa's time with an impressive time of 3:48, while I finished in a time of 3:22. 

The goal of my Challenges is not to only see who can complete the workout in the fastest time, but to make sure everyone is performing the exercises correctly and safely.  These are definitely meant to push the participants harder than they would on their own and offer something different than what they may be used to.  I emphasize that I want each participant to get the most out of these workouts by using dynamic movements that will challenge both strength and balance.

Please post your results in the Comments section below if you took this week's Challenge.  Can you beat 3:22?  If so, share a video of your performance.  Friendly competition is always good!

Hope to see you all for next week's Challenge.  They are going to start getting a little more challenging.

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