Friday, November 29, 2013

Post-Turkey Day workout

If you are sitting at home wondering why you stuffed yourself with all that food last night, you're probably not alone.  Every year many of us, myself included, tell ourselves that this will be the year we don't overeat and instead eat "sensibly".  Well, once again, I didn't listen to myself, but did you?

It's so hard and tempting to load your plate up with all that healthy food that gets passed around the table, one person to the next.  Oh, and to make it even harder, your aunt explains "you have to try my special _____ recipe".  So nonetheless you feel obligated.

Now I'm not suggesting that you have to have heaping servings of each dish, but sampling all the wonderful meals shouldn't make you feel guilty.  Besides, when was the last time you had that corn casserole, or cranberry dish; or pumpkin pie?  It's probably during last Thanksgiving. 

If you are feeling guilty that you overate last night and are itching to do something to help burn off those calories, do something fun.  I'll start with the simple ideas and then include the more advanced ideas.

Go for a walk - a simple walk around the neighborhood with family members or with the dog will burn few calories, but will get the body in motion and circulate the blood; hence moving all those nutrients to working muscles,

Go for a run - Amping up the intensity of the walk by turning it into a jog or run will burn more calories and boost your metabolism.

Go to the gym and strength train - If your local gym or fitness center is open today, head down there and crank out a few sets of compound exercises (multi-joint movements), along with your warm up and cool down.  A 30-45 min. workout can burn up to 400 calories.

Play a game of tag football or soccer - Head down to your local park with your friends and family and play a fun game of football or even soccer.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest, bring your rain gear and mud clothes and have even more fun.  Just remember to keep it "fun" and not let things turn nasty.  An occasional sack never hurt anyone, right?

Go skiing or snowshoeing - If you live near mountains and snow, head out for a days adventure and go downhill, xc, or skate skiing or even snowshoeing.  This will involve several hours of the day, so unless you have the time, you may want to stick with one of the options above.   

Regardless of which option you choose, one of the above, or maybe your families traditional post-thanksgiving workout, get outside and move the body.  If you're like me, you most likely were sitting around the house all day yesterday in a chair or couch.   

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