Saturday, December 7, 2013

All-women's mountain bike team

Beginning in the 2014 season, I will be directing and coaching an all-women's mountain bike team.  It will be the first-ever all-women's team in Central Oregon and I'm excited for the potential some of the women have.
Left to right:  Chelsey, Amanda, Kyla, Sarah, Shawn (missing from photo -Stacey)

The team began strength training in October, training 2 days a week.  Many of the women don't have much experience strength training, let alone in between racing seasons.  So far, I have to say I am impressed with how strong each one is.  We have been focusing on general overall strength as well as many mobility and core exercises before and after the workout.   Soon I will have them spend a few weeks developing max strength using heavier weights and lower reps with lower body exercises, while continuing to improve the upper body and core strength with higher reps.

In addition to their strength training, the team continues to cross-train (ski, run, do high intensity intervals training, and adventure race).  One of our riders, Chelsey Magness, is currently down in Costa Rica racing in the Adventure Race World Championships.

It's a great group of women and everyone gets alone great with each other.  My goal for this team was to help bring more awareness to women's cycling, but also select riders who would train and race together as as team.  We will all be members of OBRA and plan to volunteer several days for COTA helping to improve local trails.  We will also be putting on skills clinics for young girls and women.


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