Saturday, November 9, 2013

TRX Challenge Week #1 Results

My TRX Challenge  is off to a great start.  Week #1 had 8 people put their fitness and TRX skills to the test to see how they stacked up against their peers. 

Although this week's exercises were not too challenging, everyone pushed themselves as hard as they could and had fun doing so.  It's always amazing when you offer a challenge the level of punishment we will put on ourselves.  And hence why I like to do this.  I wanted to offer participants a chance to try something new and move their bodies in ways they haven't done before.  

There was an even mix of men and women partaking in week #1's Challenge.  In the end, Ryan Brown completed the workout with the most number of reps.  He completed a total of 285 reps in the 4 minutes it took to complete the workout.  

Everyone is already looking forward to next weeks Challenge, and Ryan now has a target on his back.  I am allowing participants to complete each week's Challenge more than once to see if they can beat their previous score/time, however, everyone only did it 1 time.  

How did you do in this week's Challenge?  Did you, or can you, beat 285 reps?  Post your results in the Comments section below.  Feel free to share videos of yourself doing the Challenge, just provide a link.

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