Sunday, January 26, 2014

Training movements rather than muscle groups

When training for sport performance, it's critical to train the body in the gym to act like it will in on the field/court for your sport.  Here is a list of movements and some exercises you can use to get you ready for competition.

Hip Dominant - pulling a load off the ground with hip extension  
     1.  Deadlifts
     2.  1-Leg RDL's
     3.  KB Swings

Knee Dominant - Pushing into the ground (or platform) to extend your knee and hip
     1.  Back/Front Squats
     2.  DB Steps Ups
     3.  Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (aka:  Bulgarian Lunge)

Vertical Push - Pushing a load vertically with shoulder flexion and elbow extension
     1.  DB/Barbell Push Press 
     2.  DB Overhead Press
     3.  Med Ball Press

Vertical Pull - Pulling a load vertically with shoulder extension and elbow flexion
     1.  Pull Ups
     2.  Chin Ups
     3.  TRX Pull Ups

Horizontal Push - Pushing a load horizontally from the shoulder joint through elbow extension
     1.  Bench Press
     2.  Push Ups
     3.  TRX Chest Press

Horizontal Pull - Pulling a load horizontally from the shoulder joint through elbow flexion
     1.  Inverted Rows
     2.  DB Rows
     3.  Bent-Over Barbell Row

Core Stability  - Stabilizing the spine and resisting movement
     1.  Planks
     2.  Pallof Press
     3.  Side Planks

Rotational Core - Movements that work both up and down and side-to-side
     1.  Med Ball Chops
     2.  Cable Pulley Rotations
     3.  TRX Oblique Crunches

Power/Explosive - Rapidly moving a load under control
     1.  Power Cleans
     2.  Split Squat Jumps
     3.  Snatch

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