Friday, January 30, 2015

My "Top 5" TRX combo exercises for a strong athletic core

TRX has been a leader in the fitness industry the last several years.  Its no wonder so many elite athletes turn to TRX for their in/off-season training.  Each piece of equipment is very versatile and costs less than $300 ea.

Core muscles (hips, abdominals, pelvis, low back, and obliques) are what initiate every athletic move. In order to have a strong athletic core, you must be able to perform movements in many different directions, and if you want to get to the elite level, you have to do the movements very quickly and with power.  

These exercises I am sharing will challenge every muscle in your body and get the heart rate pumping on all cylinders.  You will need a TRX Suspension Trainer as well as a TRX Rip Trainer.  The exercises train the body in 3-dimensions, so you will be moving in many different planes of motion.

You can do each combo for time or for a certain number of reps.  I prefer to do them for time so that I don't need to worry about counting reps.  Aim for 30-45 sec per combo with 15-30 sec of rest.  You can do all as a stand-alone workout, or add one of these combos at the end of your regular strength workout.

Here are My Top 5 TRX Combo Exercises for a strong athletic core:

     1.  TRX Frog Kick / Pike / Atomic Pushup

     2.  TRX Side Plank / Hip Drop / Oblique Crunch

     3.  TRX Burpee / Scorpion / Mtn Climber

     4.   TRX Rip Trainer Hockey, Baseball, Samurai 

     5.  TRX Rip Trainer Low Pull / Mid Row / Pitchfork

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