Sunday, February 8, 2015

Results from the 10,000 KB Swing Challenge

We began this challenge back on January 12th, and 20 workouts later finishing today, Gordon and I have logged the following numbers:

10,000 KB Swings (using 55 lb)
120 Barbell Overhead Presses (using 115 lbs)
200 Dips (with 45 lbs attached)
120 DB Goblet Squats (using 85 lb)
120 Chinups (with 25 lbs attached)

It was fun to do this challenge, but both of us are glad that it is over.  The first set of 50 swings in the first workout was horrific and we never thought it was going to get easier.  Over the course of the 20 workouts, I would certainly agree that each rep of the swings became easier, however, the workouts never seemed to get easier.

Our workout times to completion began around 43 minutes with the Overhead Presses and finished at 30 minutes even during the last week.  The days with the Dips went from 42 minutes initially down to 30:30 minutes. Our day of just doing 500 KB Swings by themselves reduced from 32 minutes to 24 minutes.  Goblet Squat days went from 43 minutes to 32:30 minutes and the the most significant reduction in time was on our chinups day, which dropped from 46 minutes to 33:30 minutes (12:30 minutes faster).  This day always felt the most difficult.

This reduction in time over the course of 4 weeks was not due to swinging the KB faster, although I would say we became more efficient with our swings, but it was the reduced rest periods between each set of swings.  We first were using 30-60 sec. of rest after each 10,15, an 25 swings, and close to 3 minutes after each 50 swings.  During the final week, we didn't rest between the 10, an 15 swings, maybe 15 sec. after the 25 swings, and only about 30-45 sec. after each 50 swings.

The results from our body composition were quite interesting. One thing that was different between Gordon and I during the 4 weeks of this challenge was that I ran 3 days a week and he did no other form of cardio work.

Name              Start            Finish          Weight        Body Fat %          Lean Mass         Fat Mass

Gordon          Jan 12                               200 lbs        14.7%                  170 lbs                 29.5 lbs
                                           Feb 8          206 lbs        13%                     179 lbs                 27 lbs

Sloane           Jan 12                               185 lbs        6.9%                    173 lbs                12 lbs
                                           Feb 8           185 lbs        6.3%                    173.5 lbs             11.5 lbs

WOW! Gordon gained 9 lbs of lean mass and dropped 1.5 lbs of fat mass.  Simply by doing KB swings and a low volume strength exercise.  I guess the proof is in the pudding.  Me on the other hand stayed pretty much the same, and has to be a result of the added running days mixed in.

In addition to our improved fitness (reduced rest periods), our grip strength improved tremendously, core strength improved, and mental toughness improved.  

If you want to build muscle and lose fat, this is a great workout program all by itself.  This also stresses the belief that less is more.  Our workouts lasted no longer than 45 min and as short as 24 minutes. Can't ask for much more than that to gain 9 lb of muscle.

Nice work Gordon and thanks for doing this with me.

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