Thursday, April 23, 2015

Upper Body Challenge

For a little fun, here is an upper body challenge you can try.

See how many strict pushups you can do in 3 min.  Not only is this a great upper body "push" exercise, but it is also a test of muscular endurance.  Some of you might be able to crank out 30-50 in a row, but then once lactic acid has set in your muscles, will you be able to keep going?

There are several different ways you can attempt this challenge.  Here are three ways...

1.  The first option is to do as many as possible without stopping as fast as you can.  Then rest and make a second attempt in the same fashion, going to failure.

2.  The second option is to do as many as possible without stopping as fast as you can, and then rest for 1/2 the time it took you to complete the reps.  For example, say you did 40 reps without stopping and it took you 40 sec, you would then rest 20 sec  and continue cranking out the reps.

3.  The third option is to choose a specific number of reps you can comfortably hit without going to failure, and then rest 15 sec. and continue. So, a good guess would be shoot for 20 reps, rest 15 sec, then another 20 reps, rest 15 sec and continue.

I chose to do the third option but seemed unable to keep the 20 reps going after 60.  I ended up with 90.

It might be fun to try all three different options, once per week and see which one gives you the best result.

If you take on this challenge, do me a favor and post your results in the comments section below.

I will be posting a weekly plan soon that for those who are interested in improving their pushup numbers.  

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