Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"8 Weeks to Badass" - Week 4 Video

Week 4 brought us to COCC College for last weeks training.  Unexpected, they were setting up chairs on the field in preparation for graduation. So we had to improvise our setting up of equipment, which wasn't that big of a deal, just limited on our space we could use.

After warming up, we had everyone run down and up a short steep hill, do some "duck unders" on the railings, then carry a 40lb bucket 400m.  We split the group up into two teams of 4-5.  We started with a TRX Tire Drag competition that had a penalty for losing.  As the Navy SEALS say, "it pays to be a winner".  Each person had to drag a 30lb tire 20 yards, go around a cone, and return 20 yards. before handing off to the next person in line.  It was a close, exciting finish as one team had a large lead, but almost lost it in the end.  As a result, the losing team had to fireman carry the other team 40 yards.

Next we had a strength circuit of 2 exercises at each station, the first exercise in each pair dictating how long the second exercise would last.  For instance, 10x tire flips paired with pushups. One person had to perform 10x tire flips while the other person continued to knock out pushups for as long as it took for those tire flips.  Having no set number of reps will challenge a person physically and mentally

There were 5 pairs of exercises, each pair to be completed twice before moving to the next pair.  If one team happened to finish before the other was done, they were directed to a "wild pair" of either sledgehammer slams or plate halfmoons.

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