Monday, June 6, 2016

Photos and video from our "8 Weeks to Badass" camp

We are starting week 4 this week of our "8 Weeks to Badass" training camp, held Wednesday's at 5:30pm and at various locations in Bend.  Most have also been following along with our Rugged Regimen plan; which is a 4x week, 8 week plan.  Each week they are doing either a work capacity, strength, stamina or single mode endurance workout.  The Wednesday nighter outdoor workout incorporates all in one workout.

We have 10 that signed up for the 8 weeks.  We did an Assessment in week 1 and we will re-assess again after week 8.  The Assessment included the following:
     1. body fat% measurements
     2. lower body strenght endurance circuit
     3. upper body strenght endurance circuit
     4. work capacity circuit
     5. stamina test

Here are a few photos and a short video so far from some of the workouts on Wednesday


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