Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10 Nutrition rules to live by...

I cannot stress it enough, but when trying make health/fitness/performance improvements, it all has to start with nutrition.  What you put in your body will ultimately determine your body's capability to produce greater adaptations to the stresses to put on it.  Ironically, what you put in your body today will actually effect your body's response 3-6 months down the road, especially when considering performance in a sport.

Do you want bigger muscles?  Sorry, but a eating a cheeseburger and fries will not help accomplish that.

Do you want to run faster?  Sorry, but drinking 3 beers a day ain't gonna cut it.

How about climbing a hill faster on your bike?  Nope, that brownie won't help.

Here are 10 nutrition rules to live by from Amanda Carlson, MS,RD
1.  Eliminate processed foods and eat foods that come from animals (unless vegetarian), that grow from the ground or grow from a tree.

2.  Eat breakfast

3.  Eat smaller portions more frequently throughout the day (aim for 5-8 meals per day)

4.  Drink water - I've mentioned before to aim for an average of 64 oz per day and adjust as needed.  Amanda recommends his formula to determine your water intake per day in ounces (.6 x body weight)

5.  Include LEAN protein sources with each meal (chicken, grass fed beef, eggs, fish, etc)

6.  Eat carbohydrates rich in fiber (vegetables, quinoa)

7.  Include a multivitamin

8.  Eat fruits or vegetables with each meal (your best choice would be green veggies)

9.  Before and after your workout, drink a protein/carbohydrate mixture (whey protein with a banana)

10.  Get enough rest!  This is when your muscles will be rebuilding and repairing

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