Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend Workout #23

Today's workout is a solid full-body workout.  I am combining a few unilateral movements (one-sided) in this workout as well.

This workout will require the use of a few pieces of equipment:

  • Swiss Ball
  • Bench
  • Superband
  • Cable Pully
I have chosen 7 exercises for you to do in a circuit format (completing one exercise after the other with minimal rest between each).  Before beginning the workout make sure you are warmed up.  

  • 5 min. row machine 
  • 1 min. jumping jacks or jump rope
  • 30 sec. running in place with high knees
  • 30 sec. seal jacks (same as JJ's but bring arms across the front rather than above head)
  • 30 sec. body weight squats
  • 30 sec. arm circles
  • 30 sec. side-to-side lunges
  • 30 sec. jumping jacks or jump rope
  • 30 sec. mountain climbers
  • 30 sec. karaoke (aka: grapevine)
This workout is designed for the intermediate to advanced fitness level exerciser.  I would not recommend trying these exercises if you are new to exercise or are just returning from an injury.  Sorry beginners, this weekend I wanted to add some challenge to those who may have been following along with my workouts each week. 

Workout format:

Perform each exercise for either a certain amount of reps or based on time.   If you choose to do each by reps, then aim to complete 12 - 15 reps for all exercises (each side if unilateral) except the hi-lo planks (aim for 8-10 reps).  If you would like to do the workout based on time (this is when you need your Gym Boss), aim for a total of 30-45 sec for each (each side if unilateral).  Rest only as long as needed between exercises, and give yourself 1-2 minutes rest between each round.  Try to complete a total of 3-4 rounds.

#1 Elevated split-lunge squat 
Make sure to position front foot so that your knee stays behind your toes, and keep the upper body straight up (not leaning forward) 

#2 Hi-Lo Planks
Once you have worked yourself onto your elbows, reverse the movement by pushing back up onto your hands.  The whole time focus on keeping your hips from rotating to each side, but rather staying square to the ground...really use the core muscle on this one.


#3 Push-ups on Swiss Ball
Lots of shoulder stabilizing required, and a strong core.  Lower down just before touching the ball and return to the starting position.  Try to keep your hips from sticking up in the air as you lower down. 

#4 Reverse Lunge with a 1-arm Superband row
Holding a superband (or resistance tubing) in one hand and with your arm extended, you should feel some resistance.  The reverse lunge and execute a row as you draw your hand right under your armpit.  Pause for 1 sec. and return to starting position.  Stay on one side before moving to other. Try to not lean your upper body back when pulling the band back, keep it directly over the hips.

#5 Mountain climbers on Swiss Ball
You can do these fast or slow depending on your ability level.  Don't allow your hips to lift up.  This is another good shoulder stabilizing and core exercise.  

#6 1-Arm cable pulley curls
This is an advanced level exercise.  Choose a weight that you can do for 12-15 reps or for 30 sec. and without rotating the upper body.  Keep your upper body still and focus on pulling the arm to the chest slowly.

#7 Elevated-feel chair dips
With your hands on a bench, keep your elbow close as you lower down and raise back up.  Use a box for your feet that is between 12-18" tall.

Repeat 2 - 3 more times

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