Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sloane's TRX Challenge - Week 3/8

In this week's version of Sloane's TRX Challenge, those participating had to perform the following exercises...

1.  Y-Squats
2.  Power Pull L
3.  Power Pull R
4.  Side Plank w/ Crunch L
5.  Side Plank w/ Crunch R

Sloane demonstrating how it's done.

Each exercise had to be completed for 1 min. with a 20 sec. rest interval between each exercise.  The goal this week was to see who could complete the most total # of reps of all exercises.  This week's challenge would certainly challenge the core muscles and the back/shoulder muscles...oh yeah and of course the cardiovascular system.

Try this challenge on your won sometime and see how many reps YOU can get in 1 min. for each exercise.  Sloane completed 206 total reps.


Jenny Summer said...

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Sloane Anderson said...

Yes an increased metabolism, and an increase in muscle mass which means you will be burning more calories per lb. of body weight per day. For every lb. of muscle gained, you burn an extra 7-10 calories per day.