Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Fitness Challenge #2

This week's April Fitness Challenge is not quite as difficult as my 300-Rep Challenge from last week, however, it will require a bit more endurance.  This week will involve completing a total of 500 reps over 11 exercises as well as 500 meters of rowing to kick things off. (if you don't have access to a row machine do 5 min of spin bike or Eliptical machine)

If you decide to do this workout, please maintain proper form during each exercises and if you begin to feel discomfort (not fatigue but muscle-strain-type discomfort) then stop the exercise/s and either rest for a few minutes or stop the workout all together.  THIS IS A VERY DIFFICULT WORKOUT AND INTENDED FOR THOSE WITH EXPERIENCE LIFTING WEIGHTS.

500 Rep Challenge:
Warm up 10-20 min.  Include some easy jogging, butt kicks, arm circles (forward and backward), lunges (forward/backward), jumping jacks, squats, bent-knee windshield wipers, and a few crunches.

0. 500m Row
1. 50 Prisoner Squats
2. 50 Push Ups
3. 25 Jumps
4. 50 Swiss Ball Curls -OR- TRX Leg Curls
5. 25 Dips
6. 50 Step Ups w/ DB - 30" high (25 per side), (W-8lb, M-15lb)
7. 50 2-Hand KB Swings (W-15, M-35lbs.)
8. 50 Forward Lunges (25 per side)
9. 50 Jumping Jacks
10. 50 Inverted Rows
11. 50 Decline-Bench Crunches

W - Women
M - Men
DB - Dumbbell
KB - Kettlebell

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