Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weekend Workout #22

It's time to incorporate sprints into the workout this weekend.  Go down to your local park or football field with some cones and running shoes (and an agility ladder if you have one).  If you have access to a football field you won't need the cones.  The cones will be used for setting the marks for each drill..

Before beginning this workout make sure to warm up very good with the following dynamic exercises.

Warm-Up (~10 min)
Perform each exercise for 10 yards (down and back)

High Knee Walks
High Knee Jog
Stiff Leg Kicks (opposite arm to opposite leg)
Butt Kicks
Side Shuffles

Rest 1 min. and repeat

Perform these exercises each for 20 sec. with no rest between each

Jumping Jacks
Seal Jacks
Push Ups
Alt. Side Lunges 

Workout (~10-15 min)
300 yard shuttle run - set up 4 cones (2 cones on each end) 25 yards apart .  Use a timer to see how long it takes to complete.  Complete 6 total down-and-back sets (down and back is 1 set) in the fastest time possible.  Rest 1-2 min and repeat trying to match the time completed before.

"X" Drill - this drill will work both the linear (forward and backward) and lateral (side to side) movements.  Set up 4 cones in an X format (2 on each end).  Each cone should be 10 yards apart.  Start at the lower left corner and sprint diagonally to the upper right cone, shuffle laterally left to the upper left cone, sprint diagonally to the lower right cones, and shuffle laterally to the right to the lower left cone to finish.
Rest 1-2 min and repeat 3 more times

Ladders Drill (Icky Shuffle) - If you have some agility ladders you will need them for this drill.  If you don;t have any ladders, you can always use tape to mark off the squares.  Start on one end to the right of the first square.  Diagonally step both feet (one at a time) into the first square and then continue stepping through to the left of the second square.  Continue this movement to the end of the ladder.  Try to make the footwork speed fast.  Rest 30 sec. and repeat 5 times

Cool Down (20 min)
Go for an easy 10 -15 min jog on flat terrain and then stretch  upper and lower body muscles.

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